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About us

Den Haag Marketing is the umbrella marketing and promotion organization for The Hague and its two beach resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin. We play an important role in the (national and international) promotion of The Hague as a destination for business visitors and tourists.


Den Haag Marketing is responsible for that part of the city’s marketing (strategy and implementation) which focuses on visitors. It is also responsible for advising municipalities and marketing groups on tourist infrastructure. Den Haag Marketing promotes attractions and events in The Hague that would be interesting for the intended target groups.



Den Haag Marketing is a foundation which operates in the public-private domain. In co-operation (co-creation) with public and private bodies, we want to put The Hague on the map in a clear-cut and consistent way. We take care of the city’s collective marketing with the goal of creating maximum economic spin-off.

This is how we bring The Hague to the attention of (potential) visitors:
1. Prior to a visit: with marketing campaigns and activities aimed at attracting business guests and tourists to the city, and:
2. During a visit: by providing these visitors with information that publicizes the city’s hospitality and its wide range of attractions and events, so that visitors end up doing far more than was planned.

Marco Esser, Director: ‘We want more people to visit The Hague, stay longer, spend more and return home with a good feeling about the city, in the hope they will spread the word about The Hague and say what a great city it is.’