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The Executive Board of the Den Haag Marketing Foundation is formed by director Marco Esser.

The Executive Board is responsible for the policy and all the activities of Den Haag Marketing. The Executive Board is accountable to the Supervisory Board, chaired by Marjet van Zuijlen.

The Board of Associates, with Pieter den Dulk as independent Chairman, acts as a sounding board and provides the Executive Board with advice. Stakeholders of the sectors with which Den Haag Marketing collaborates are represented by the Board of Associates. This ensures contact with stakeholders that is direct and focused on the long-term.

Den Haag Marketing’s organization is controlled by the management team (MT). This team consists of Nienke van der Malen- Van der Horst  (director The Hague Convention Bureau) and three managers: Mariette de Wijs (Marketing), Hans Doets (Distribution) and Nienke Nijenhuis (Den Haag Topsport). The MT is chaired by director Marco Esser.

Marco Esser (Voorburg, 1971) studied political science at Leiden University and Ohio State University. Esser’s previous positions include political adviser to and spokesman for Dutch politicians Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven and Wouter Bos. He has also led campaigns for the Dutch Labour party (PvdA) in elections to the European Parliament, municipalities and Parliament’s Lower House. In addition to being Deputy Director at Den Haag Marketing, Esser is a governor of football club ADO Den Haag. This is a non-paid post. As a member of ADO Den Haag’s Supervisory Board, he carries out consultations with external communication, club supporters and image improvement. Marco Esser

lives in The Hague with his partner and two sons.