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Marketing implementation

Once you have been to The Hague, you become an ambassador for the city. Our city sells itself, so we believe in showing the city as it really is. Our corporate marketing is aimed at various target groups to show them exactly that which they are looking for.


The strategic marketing plans are converted into a tactical approach with our marketing activity plans. This means translating the needs of our target groups into marketing campaigns. We aim to be present in all steps of the customer journey. These plans and activities use a full range of partners, the city’s icons, and the business and recreational infrastructure. These plans are then carried out by us, our partners or by third parties.


The Hague is being developed as an appealing destination to both business and recreational visitors at a national level and international level, the latter in close co-operation with the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions. The focus is on business, recreational and travel trade audiences.


We think it is important that partners in the international travel industry, who are after all retailers of the product The Hague, also have a positive image of the city. To achieve this goal the marketing department targets mainly governmental and commercial parties in Europe, and efforts are particularly focused on strengthening the image of The Hague. This is done, for example, through national and international events such as trade fairs, exhibitions and sales campaigns. Events are also arranged upon request.


For more information:

Staff members of Marketing & Sales Recreation Market

Lonneke Verspuij
Tel: +31 (0)70 3618890
E-mail: l.verspuij@denhaag.com

Travel Trade

Didi de Visscher
Tel: +31 (0)70 3618818
E-mail: d.devisscher@denhaag.com


Jolijn Weisscher
Tel: +31 (0)70 3618816
E-mail: j.weisscher@denhaag.com